Advantage of Buying a Property in a Golf Community 

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Golfing communities are in demand. Who doesn’t want to live somewhere that’s as beautiful as it is tranquil? They offer a number of perks for residents, aside from the opportunity to play more golf than you’ve ever played before! 

If you’ve been thinking about moving to a prettier, more serene place, consider these advantages of buying property in a golf community. Although each community differs, they’re usually much more value-packed than you might originally think. 

Whether you’re a golfer or not, here’s why a move to one of the inclusive communities could be the decision you ever make! 

Offers a Tranquil Environment 

Tranquility and the quietness of nature is a common reason for moving to a golf community. It’s about as close to nature as you can get without moving into a treehouse, so for nature lovers, it’s the perfect combination of peaceful and luxurious. 

Golf communities are quieter than your average neighborhood and often more serene than other enclosed residential areas. Traffic is noticeably less, so not only do you have less vehicle fumes floating around, but there’s a lot less traffic noise. 

Some golf communities don’t allow families with kids, but even those that do are usually much quieter than other communities. Everyone in a golfing community respects their surroundings and the peace that comes with them. 

It’s the perfect place to build a stunning home that’s within a community but away from the hustle of the usual city life. 

Security and Privacy 

Not just anyone can walk into a golf community and snoop around. They’re gated and monitored 24/7, and most have attentive security guards whose job is to make sure the area is always secure. 

You can rest assured you’re within safe walls when you live in a golf community. Even bigger communities tend to be familiar with the people and their comings and goings, so you know that even if you’re quiet and reserved, someone’s looking out for you. 

Golfing communities are also often more private than other communities. Houses are built further apart, and thoughtfully designed so that residents can have amazing views, not be on top of each other, and be private enough to lounge in their underwear and socks without any threat of being spied on! 

Designed With the Environment in Mind 

While you’re closer to nature when you live in a golf community, you may not know that most of these communities are built with the preservation of nature in mind. Most modern golf courses place huge emphasis on being sustainable, creating safe havens for wildlife and birds, and promoting biodiversity. 

These green spaces not only help us humans to coexist happily and safely with wildlife that you’d never see in a city, but they’re often at the forefront of eco-friendly practices. You can feel good about partaking in environmentally-friendly practices and initiatives, and many golf communities also involve their residents in various wildlife and nature projects. 

Access to Exclusive Amenities 

Golf communities are usually well-designed and feature a number of thoughtful amenities that the residents can make use of. These are usually not available to the general public, so they’re not likely to be overly busy or crowded. 

Most communities offer things like fitness centers, sporting facilities like a swimming pool, tennis courts, or basketball courts, a children’s play space, and a clubhouse. Some might also offer restaurants and bars within their walls! You don’t have to go far to enjoy some activity and possibly even a meal out. 

Golfers will be pleased to know that they’ll also be given access to the golf course as a club member. There’s likely to be a fee associated with it, but in many cases it’s significantly less than a regular club member would pay to swing their clubs on the course. 

Some communities also have a driving range or putting green, where you should be able to practice your swing or your short game any time you like. 

Strong Sense of Community 

While you’ll have your own space and privacy, these communities often provide a strong sense of togetherness and support. Many residents share common interests, like golf and nature, so you might just find that you’re surrounded by like-minded people. 

It’s likely to be easier to find someone in the community to golf with on a regular basis, create a walking or jogging group with, or simply meet for tea every now and then to catch up and enjoy some company. 

Golf communities also often put together events and social gatherings for their residents, aimed at bringing people together and fostering a sense of community amongst the group. 

Well-Run HOA 

Golf communities are well-off, luxurious places. As such, they’re usually managed by a competent homeowners association, which takes all the necessary steps to ensure the community remains a safe, beautiful, and private space for its residents. 

They’re also responsible for maintenance, and have you ever seen a poorly maintained golf community? Your HOA might annoy you by insisting the garden service trim the hedges at 7am every other day, but you can rest assured they’re keeping the environment stunning and well looked after. 

Often Retain Their Value Well 

If you’re not sure about this being your final forever home, the final bit of good news is that homes within golfing communities often retain their property value very well. 

Most communities have strict standards and building codes, so as long as you maintain those (which it’s hard not to do in a well-managed community), your home will retain its value very well. 

Golfing communities represent a wistful, appealing way of life. They’re exclusive, secure, private, and absolutely stunning… So if you’re planning on selling or renting your home out, you can look forward to an excellent resale value or rental value. 


What’s not to love about living in a golfing community? The views, the serenity, the privacy, the wildlife… The only potential issue is being so close to a tee that you might be hit by a wayward drive, but it’s highly unlikely! 

Whether you’re looking to buy property and settle down, flip a house, or you’re simply getting some ideas, it’s clear—buying a property in a golf community is an investment that will pay off year after year. 

About the Author

Jordan Fuller is a retired golfer and businessman. When he’s not on the course working on his own game or mentoring young golfers, he writes in-depth articles for his website, Golf Influence.