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Here’s Journal Club 06-09-23! Every week, I hold a JOURNAL CLUB. After filtering through the articles on the web, I present a few that impacted my life this week. Be safe and stay well!

  • In the realm of personal finance and retirement planning, Roth accounts seem to spark the interest of many investors. Given the wide range of investment options available today, it can be overwhelming to choose a strategy that’s a good fit for you. So, to help you make an informed decision, The White Coat Investor explores the different types of accounts, the contribution limits, and more in the article – Roth Contributions and Conversions. Check it out!
  • “A house is the best investment you can have.” A majority of us have grown up listening to this piece of advice. After all, it’s the most significant financial asset for many of us. However, per the author of A Wealth of Common Sense, a house is not just a financial asset but also a form of consumption and explains the potential downsides of considering a house as an investment. Curious to learn more? The author shares helpful insight in the post – What’s the Best Long-Term Investment?
  • If you’re relatively new to real estate investing, there’s a high chance that you haven’t experienced anything like the major economic downturn of 2008. Many industry experts are predicting that we may be nearing another economic downturn. So, as investors, is there anything we can do to be better prepared? The Semi-Retired MD shares valuable tips on the subject in the article – Six Things Real Estate Investors Should Be Doing To Prepare For The Downturn.
  • Paying off your mortgage is arguably one of the biggest financial achievements in one’s life. However, according to Financial Samurai, doing so may not bring you true stress relief, and that feeling of satisfaction may be short-lived. Are you wondering why? The author shares more about it in the post – Paying Off Your Home May Not Provide The Joy You Expect.

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Disclaimer: The topics presented in this article are provided as general information and for educational purposes. It is not a substitute for professional advice. Accordingly, before taking action, consult with your team of professionals.

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