Land Rover Will Sell You a $165,000 Set of Skis and Throw In a Range Rover Sport

Photo: Land Rover

Photo: Land Rover

Land Rover is outfitting the 2023 Range Rover Sport with enough equipment to turn the performance-oriented SUV into the ultimate winter vehicle. The British carmaker is building upon the Range Rover Sport V8 for this limited release of the 2023 Range Rover Sport Deer Valley Edition, named after the famous ski resort in Park City, Utah.

There will only be 20 Deer Valley Editions made, which makes this Rover rarer than climbers who’ve summited K2, though perhaps not quite as special. The theme behind the new Range Rover Sport Deer Valley Edition is all about wintertime and winter sports, but it’s not a thorough reworking of the SUV.

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Other than the SUV being built upon the Range Rover Sport Autobiography P350 V8, the limited edition Rover is mostly characterized by its appearance both inside and out. The 2023 Deer Valley Edition will be powered by a twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 making 523 horsepower, putting the Sport in RRS.

All Deer Valley editions will be finished in Deep Gloss Vermillion Red, and will feature sleek, dark-colored accents from the Black Exterior Package. The 23-inch wheels keep the theme going with a Satin Dark Gray finish and Carbon accents. The interior is standard Range Rover fare, which is to say it’s a rolling VIP lounge featuring carbon interior panels throughout and rich two-tone Cloud/Ebony Semi-Analine seats.

Land Rover is going to etch the limited edition SUV’s door sills with “DEER VALLEY EDITION” and “1 of 20″ to distinguish them from other Rovers. But what really sets the limited edition apart from its stablemates are the extras that Land Rover is throwing in: for the low price of $165,000, the starting price of 2023 Range Rover Sport Deer Valley Edition, LR will throw in two sets of skis personally fitted to buyers and a session with a skiing coach. Also, a three-day stay at Deer Valley Resort and two passes to hit the slopes.

Of course, as a winter vehicle, the Deer Valley Edition would be incomplete without a set of dedicated winter wheels and tires, which Land Rover will also be included in the package. But Land Rover didn’t specify what additional wheels and tires would come with the Deer Valley Edition.

For a cool $165,000, Land Rover will sell you a weekend winter getaway in the mountains and a fast Range Rover Sport to get you there, complete with skis, winter wheels/tires and some markings on your door sills. The Range Rover Autobiography First Edition, which came with the same V8 started just under $123,000, which makes this Deer Valley Edition much more expensive, though arguably rarer.

Photo: Land Rover

Photo: Land Rover

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