My Stock Report Card for Jan – Jul 2018

My Stock Report Card for Jan – Jul 2018

US Stocks

US Stock - Aug 16, 2018

SG Stocks

SG Stocks - Aug 16, 2018

Total Dividend Collected between Jan – Jul 2018 : SGD$16,068

Income distribution in June and July came from Frasers Hospitality, Aimsamp Cap Reit, UOB, Mapletree Industrial Trust, Mapletree Logistic Trust, OCBC, NikkoAM STC Asia Reit, PingAn Insurance, Bank of America, Tencent, Intel, IBM, Microsoft.

Total Profit/Loss from Sales of Stock between Jan – Jul 2018: SGD 6690.18 ( Structured Note Knock Out, Intel, Tesla btw Jun – Jul ).

Is everyone enjoying the roller coaster ride in the market? I’m not :-p. Every stock that I owned seemed to be a headliner lately – Tesla, Intel, Apple, Facebook, Twitter and Tencent ! Even Keppel is suffering a double whammy from the latest property curbs and the ever so volatile oil prices. Thanks to Grandpa Warren Buffett, my US portfolio managed to still grow despite all the negative headlines! I took the chance to add more Frasers Hospitality, Tencent and PingAn during the market dip. I decided to let Tesla and Intel go because although I love Elon for his vision, he’s getting a little out of hand with Twitter. As for Intel, I am a little spooked by the china micron ban, lack of leadership (no CEO) and competition from AMD.

I pray for a more peaceful Q3/Q4.

This is what is keeping me sane lately …

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