Stolen Land Rover Torched

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Why do thieves have to be so heartless?

Burning a vehicle after stealing it and using the thing to commit another crime is a lamentably common tactic among criminals. That’s how the pictured Land Rover became a crispy critter in the UK recently, leaving pretty much just a husk of its former self.

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According to a report from the Monmouthshire Beacon, the stolen Land Rover was sitting on a farm near Old Clehonger when a group of criminals helped themselves. They used the old off-roader to drive to a construction site in the Kingstone area where they then stole a diesel tanker with about 1,000 liters of fuel inside.

Apparently, what the thieves really wanted was all the diesel, which considering how prices are these days makes sense. Since the Land Rover wasn’t of further use and potentially had evidence in it, they decided to torch the thing, leaving it the hollowed-out husk you see now.

Meanwhile, the tanker truck seems to still be missing. How much do you want to bet the authorities will find it burned out, after all the diesel is drained?

A fair number of car thefts involve using the stolen vehicle to commit other crimes, including driving to a location where other cars are stolen. Criminals have learned (most of them) that driving your own ride while doing something illegal is a bad idea. After all, with surveillance cameras all over the place, the likelihood that the license plate will be recorded is pretty high.

We just really hate seeing anything classic get trashed like this, which to be honest this Land Rover might not be considering. But we’re sure someone loved and relied on the off-roader at the farm, so we feel for their loss. And we hope the police catch the diesel thieves.

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