Ten Staging Tips for Selling During the Holidays

Holiday Staging tips!

While it may be the holidays for many, it may also be the time serious buyers are searching for their perfect home. If you are thinking about selling, here are ten staging tips for selling during the holidays.

Safety first- Make sure your walkway and steps are safe for potential buyers. Shovel snow and make sure the walkway is salted for safety.

Light the way- Make sure exterior lighting is in working order. Keep in mind that buyers may wish to view the property during evening hours so make sure the walkway is lit.

Clean interior- Cleaning before selling is a must. Rooms should be sparkling clean and tidy. Bathrooms and kitchens should look spotless.

Not too much- Yes, you can still decorate but keep things to a minimum. Buyers want to see the house, not all the decorations. A few tastefully placed holiday decorations go a long way!

Keep pets away- While you may love your four-legged friend, not all buyers are comfortable with pets. It is best not to have pets in the home when showing the property.

No scent is the best- Ginger nutmeg, apple spice, and vanilla are all amazing scents but not all buyers will agree. No scent is best when selling. Make sure your property appeals to all potential buyers.

Hire a professional stager- A professional stager will not only make recommendations on the best way to prepare your property for sale but also make recommendations on how to accentuate the best features of the home.

Clean and clear the front entrance- Make sure there is enough room for wet boots. Buyers want to be able to take off their boots with ease. Make sure your front entrance is clutter free.

Create a cozy vibe- This is the perfect time to stage the home with throw blankets and comfy pillows. Creating a cozy vibe allows potential buyers to visualize themselves in the space. Who wouldn’t want to wrap themselves in a blanket and sit near the fireplace?

Staging tip ten is consider fresh flowers- Consider placing fresh flowers for photos. They won’t last forever but look beautiful in photos and a few fresh cut flowers won’t break the bank.

Daniela Pluviati

Becky Owens

Daniela Pluviati