The Best Areas of Harlow to Invest in Buy-to-Let

Property Investment in Harlow

Population: 82,000 approximately
Average House Price: £354,000

As Harlow was originally a post-war new town property most types are relatively new build properties from the 1950s onwards, with many originally built as social housing.

Harlow offers investors a good range of property types, but especially good value flats and apartments, townhouses, modern terraced properties and semi-detached family houses. Newer estates around the town provide apartments and larger family houses. It tends to be the older property types, from the 1950s, 60s and 70s, that offer the best value investment opportunities in Harlow.

Harlow was designed around a number of distinct suburbs, each separated by green space, and with their own local shops, schools and other services. Each district is linked by a network of roads and cycle paths.

Old Harlow is the original old market town around which Harlow was developed. It offers some of the few older, Victorian properties in the town. It is a popular residential spot and is generally a higher property price area.

New Town is Harlow’s town center where many of the shops and services are based. The area is benefitting from regeneration. Although mainly a commercial area, new homes are being built making it more residential in the future.

The area north of Harlow, over the River Stort, is mostly a rural area at present. There are plans to develop the area around Gilston with thousands of new homes.

Areas in the east of Harlow include Church Langley, Churchgate Street, Newhall and Potter Street. These areas have good access to the town centre, train stations and the M11 motorway and the northeastern parts have good access to the industrial and commercial area to the north of Harlow.

Church Langley is a new build village, built from the 1990s onwards, and is a popular residential spot for families. Newhall is one of Harlow’s newer residential suburbs with very contemporary housing.

The villages further out across the M11 are desirable residential spots with higher-priced properties.

Areas to the south of Harlow include Brays Grove, BushFair, Mark Hall South, Netteswell and Stewards. These areas are mid-priced property areas. They have good access to town, transport links and places of work.

Areas to the west of Harlow include Great Pardon, Hare Street, Katherines, Kingsmoor, Little Pardon, Passmores and Sumners. These areas comprise many housing estates which have been built over the years. Great Parndon is an original old village which has now been absorbed into Harlow. Little Parndon is a good-value property area.

The areas to the west side of the town do not have such good access to regional transport links. However, they are very well located for the industrial and commercial areas on this side of town.

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