The Best Areas of Hemel Hempstead to Invest in Buy-to-Let

Property Investment in Hemel Hempstead

Population: 98,800 approximately
Average House Price: £482,262

Hemel Hempstead offers a range of property types for investors. However, most property in Hemel Hempstead is newer, post-war property. The Hemel Hempstead property market is roughly divided into the original Old Town and the more modern and functional New Town. The Marlowes in the New Town is the main shopping area while the Old Town is known for its historic buildings and local shops and businesses. The New Town also represents the largest part of the housing market here.

Property investors who are interested in letting to the commuter market should bear in mind that the main railway station is not in the center of town but to the southwest of it. Another railway station is located at Apsley.

Some of the main districts in Hemel Hempstead are:

Adeyfield is the original new town suburb of Hemel Hempstead. It has good access to the new town center and the main industrial area with many workplaces and has good transport links.

Apsley is an older part of town, built around the original old village of Apsley. Apsley has a railway station with commuter links making it ideal for commuters to buy to lets.

Bennett’s End is in the south of Hemel Hempstead. It is mainly a large post-war housing estate. There is good value property in this area.

Boxmoor is an older part of town offering many Victorian properties and retains a villagey feel. It has good commuter train links and is close to the A41. It is a very popular residential spot with more expensive properties.

Chaulden is a large housing estate on the west side of Hemel Hempstead.

Felden is on the southwestern edge of Hemel Hempstead. It is a semi-rural part of the area with good access to the train station and is a popular residential spot with higher property prices.

Gadebridge is in the northwest part of town. It has good access to the town center and to the large Gadebridge Park as well as to the open countryside.

Grovehill consists mainly of housing estates built in the 1960s and 1970s. It has good access to the industrial areas and workplaces on the east side of Hemel Hempstead. Grovehill has good value property.

Highfield is in the northern part of town. It has good local amenities and access to the town center and is a good value area.

Leverstock Green is based around an original old village to the southeast of town. It has particularly good road transport links to the M1 and elsewhere.

Warner’s End is in the northwest of Hemel Hempstead with good access to the town centre.

Woodhall Farm is in the northeast of the town close to rural areas but with good access to the main industrial areas and offices.

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